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Apple iPad Covers and Cases

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If you are looking for beautiful, high quality apple ipad covers and cases, Vaja has a great selection for you to choose from. And if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for already made, they can customize virtually any cover or case to fit your preferences and needs.

Vaja products are made from imported Argentine full grain cowhide, which is beautiful and easy to clean. Customers have their choice of four different types of leather. Caterina gives a smooth appearance and matte finish. Vitelino gives a cracked-look. Floater leather is a premium, soft, full-grain leather. And anilina gives a supple, smooth finish. Customers can choose which type of leather iPad cases fit their preferences.

The Apple iPad Covers and Cases We Have For Sale

Apple iPad Covers and CasesApple ipad covers and cases are not all the offer. Vaja also makes beautiful and protective cases for ipads, mp3s, ipods, iphones, and finely crafted leather wallets as well! Each vaja product comes with that musky leather aroma that lasts. Our designs are elegant and unique. You cannot find craftsmanship like this in stores or through other vendors when it comes to iPad 2 covers and cases. We do not cut corners and you certainly get what you pay for.

Longevity is one selling point of Vaja products. Because each product is handmade one at a time by skilled craftsmen, each item can last for up to decades after purchase. Each order comes with easy to follow directions on how to properly clean and care for your Vaja product.

Vaja gives customers the chance to personalize apple ipad covers and cases to fit the customers needs. Each customer can choose whether or not they want snap or magnetic closure on their case, the type of lining they prefer, and where exactly they need cutouts to accommodate for headphones and SD cards and other plug-ins. Customers also have the option of having a personal message engraved on their leather iPad 2 cases today. For the ultimate in style and functionality for your cheap iPad cases, Vaja is the clear choice.