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iPhone 4 Designer Cases

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At, we've made it our priority to create iPhone 4 designer cases that you won't be able to resist. We've done a good job at it, too, with our superior leathers, designs and attention to detail that is unsurpassed. As important and valuable as your mobile phone is to you, why should you choose to protect it with an ordinary, non-descript case when you can have a chic, handcrafted case created to your specifications with details and features that only enhance the use of your device? It's our belief that you should only chose a Vaja Case.

You Can Get iPhone 4 Designer Cases From Vaja!

iPhone 4 Designer CasesOur cases are designed and created with the details we know you would include if you were designing them yourself. Our iPhone 4 designer cases have thoughtful features like magnetic closures -- harmless to your device -- that are powerful enough to keep the case closed while being carried on your belt or even in your briefcase, yet they open easily when you need to use your phone -- or opt for the snap closure to keep your cover firmly in place. And if you've always wished your leather iPhone 4 case had a storage slot for its tiny memory card, Vaja has granted that wish with select cases having just such a slot right inside the lid.

All of our designs feature leather lining inside and cutouts that allow quick and easy access to the features you use frequently. And for the ultimate personalization we will gladly laser engrave your name or your company's logo on the back of your case, a discriminating touch that will set your case apart from any mass-produced case that can be purchased at a department or electronics store. When you're looking for iPhone 4 designer cases, the choice is clear. Only Vajacases can bring you the best for your gadgets and devices.