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Leather Phone Covers

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If you are looking for a phone case, choosing leather phone covers over plastic phone covers is a wise decision because they are beautiful and last longer. Vaja is one company that specializes in leather phone covers, in addition to covers for your ipad, mp3, notebooks, and other electronic devices.

Use Our Leather Phone Covers To Protect Your Device

Leather Phone CoversVaja leather phone covers are well-made and stand the test of time. Their full grain cowhide leather is imported from Argentin. Vaja offers their customers a choice of various types of leather, which include caterina, vitelino, floater, and anilina leather. The longevity of their leather phone covers and other leather goods live up to the initial investment of the product. They are easy to clean and care for after purchase, as long as the customer polishes the leather once a week. Folks can continue to use their Vaja leather phone covers even decades after purchase!

When designing their products, they also keep in mind style and functionality. The fine leather is fashionable and stylish, sure to impress and represent you well when you pull it out in the office or at a restaurant. The covers effectively protect your expensive electronic devices in case of accident as well. The cutouts on the case are designed to match the design of various electronic devices. Folks have their choice of snap or magnetic closure as well.

One of the features that sets Vaja apart is that they are willing to customize and tailor the product to the needs of the customer. They can even engrave a personalized message right onto the cover. They also offer cut outs for an SD card to fit as well. Vaja really allows the customer to make the product theirs.

If you want your pick of leather phone covers that are flexible, durable, and beautiful, Vaja has the perfect item for you.