The Beautiful Leather Messenger Bag from Vaja - Customize Yours Today

The Beautiful Leather Messenger Bag from Vaja - Customize Yours Today

July 12, 2018

Every closet has a few timeless, key pieces that continue to look sophisticated and stylish, year after year despite styles changing. High quality accessories made strong integrity never go out of style. If you’re searching for that easy custom messenger leather bag that looks good no matter where you go, Vaja is it! As is true with any Vaja case for phone or laptop or wallet, the quality goes unmatched. Made with soft, buttery leather that wears well over time, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a piece that will last for years.

Custom Leather Bags from Vaja

Stylish leather messenger bag, for men & women

Vaja has created a messenger bag for men and women who need a practical, high quality bag that will carry them into the office and travel well. The bag is made from the finest quality Argentine leather, handcrafted in Buenos Aires. The superior quality of the leather and design of a Vaja bag can be detected immediately after holding one in your hands. The grainy, soft feel of the leather, the musky, rich scent of the leather, and unique color options set the Vaja messenger bag apart from all others on the market. Compared with other messenger bags found in stores or small boutiques, the quality is undeniable.

Messenger Leather Bag - Fits the Macbook 13 inch

The Vaja leather bag - beautiful and sophisticated

Each bag is designed to be a perfect fit for your macbook or laptop, making it the perfect “carry on” travel bag or substitute for your stuffy brief case you’ve been carrying around for years. The Vaja leather messenger bag is a professional yet modern update. If you’re a professional on the go, this bag will make your travel a lot easier. With fast access pockets, zippered pockets, pen holders, a backside pocket, and adjustable shoulder strap, what more could you ask for in a bag? We pride ourselves on providing a bag versatile enough for men and women who are looking for a cut above the rest.

Leather Bags from Vaja - Durable, Stylish

At Vaja, we put our customers in the driver’s seat by allowing them to personalize each product to fit their expectations. We will dye our leather to fit the color you had in mind and you'll have a beautiful customized leather messenger bag. The possibilities are endless!


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