Premium iPhone 8 Leather Cases


From a functional leather Wallet ID iPhone 8 design, to a luxurious Swarovski Crystal iPhone 8 Leather Case, in Vaja we´ve got all you need to enhance your Apple device. When we talk about cases, we don´t mean just random materials that will eventually break, we are talking about spectacular leather designs handcrafted by leather artists one by one in the most southern Country of Planet Earth. Argentinean Premium Leathers are well known around the World for its unique qualities and outstanding beauty.

Imagine yourself carrying all your essentials in one simple "all in one" item. Our attractive iPhone 8 Wallet Leather Cases are the top favorite among our clients and also rank as one of the most chosen around the World for its magnificent functionality with three credit card slots, one extra pocket for folded bills and the ultimate RFID technology to secure your cards. It’s all possible in our "ready to ship" section, just pick your favorite color and your favorite leather type and we will send them straight to your front door practically in with in a blink of an eye. Check out the different features and if you feel that you finally found "the one" to dress up your iPhone 8, then we can say that we have accomplish our mission.

Protecting Your Phone with a Vaja iPhone 8 Leather Case

If you like to carry your iPhone 8 naked but still care about protecting the back of the device , then the Grip iPhone 8 Leather Cases are the perfect choice to match your unique life style. A hard polycarbonate frame embraced by either Soft Veg-Tan Bridge Leather or All-Weather Floater Leather with a huge selection of stunning colors, black-framed camera eyelet for gorgeous Instagram moments under low light conditions and Qi Wireless Charging compatibility are only some of the features available in this Grip universe waiting for you.

Like puffy stuff? The Matelassé is an iPhone 8 Leather Case that will for sure satisfy all your needs. You will be grateful every time you hold your iPhone 8 and feel the comfy leather bubbles around your fingertips. A full state of extreme relaxation is almost 100% guaranteed with our Matelassé Premium iPhone 8 Leather Case.

Now it’s all up to you, we understand that our new iPhone 8 devices are so perfect that sometimes we refuse to cover them up with cases, that is why we believe that besides providing full protection, Vaja Leather Cases are compliments more than a simple cover up.

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