iPhone X Plus Leather Cases

iPhone X Plus / iPhone Xs

Rumblings can be heard throughout the world surrounding the newest versions of iPhone, expected to hit the market this fall. If you are considering an upgrade to one of the latest versions, it is important to do your research to know if now is the right time for you to upgrade. Let’s dive in.

Three versions of iPhone are expected to hit the market in September 2018. What can you expect? In terms of screen size, the first version, which will most likely be referred to as the iPhone Xs will have a screen that will be the exact same size as the iPhone X, with a diagonal screen at 5.8 inch. The second version will have a screen similar to the iPhone 8 Plus with a 6.5 inch diagonal screen, and the third version will have a 6.1 inch diagonal screen.

The 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch phones will be OLED models and the 6.1 inch is expected to be an LCD model and will be priced much lower than the other two. If price is a factor for you, it is worth considering the 6.1 inch version but it’s important to know beforehand that apple will be cutting some of the features to keep costs low. The look, feel, and quality of the 6.1 inch version will be different as well seeing that it will have an aluminum frame instead of a stainless steal frame. Folks who opt for this less expensive version need to also be aware that it may not include wireless charging. Folks who choose this version will also forgo enjoying a single lens-rear camera. If you use your iPhone camera for work or pleasure and this is especially important to you, it would be wise to choose one of the other two options. If price is not a roadblock for you and the two OLED versions sound appealing to you, know that they will most likely be sold at a price similar to the current iPhone X. All 3 of the new iPhone versions will feature Face ID, edge-to-edge displays, A12 processors, and faster LTE.

Once you have your new iPhone, it’s time to update to a iPhone 10 Plus leather case to match. Vaja offers one of the best quality cases on the market, offering luxury and protection in one cover. As we gear up for the fall 2018 releases of iPhone, it’s important to reassess how you’re protecting your device and Vaja has the perfect solution.


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