Leather Bow Cord Organizer

Floater Dark Blue
Floater Pompeian Red
Floater Latte
Floater Black
Floater Dark Brown
Floater Olive Night
Floater Crown Blue
Bridge Chili
Floater Freesia
  • Tired of living with a bunch of tangled cables all over the place? Meet our Leather Bow cord organizer. A fantastic and luxurious way to keep your cables straight and tidy anywhere you go. This stunning leather cord organizer is Ideal for MacBook/Laptop chargers.

    • Available in Floater and Veg-Tan Bridge leather Handcrafted in Argentina
    • Available in 9 stunning colors
    • Luxurious cord organizer
    • Ideal for MacBook/Laptop chargers
    • Strong Magnetic Clasp
    • Premium leather
    • Handcrafted in Argentina

Type: Leather Goods

 leather cord organizer


Our new leather cord organizer is completely wrapped in premium argentine leather, it features a strong magnetic clasp, an embossed leather interior and an extremely lightweight design. Select your favorite color combinations and keep your charging cables untangled.

 leather cord organizer
 leather cord organizer


Vaja´s leather cord organizer is available in all-weather floater leather and in Veg-Tan Bridge leather. Trust us, you’ll never know how much you needed it until you get it!

 leather cord organizer

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