Grip Samsung S8+ Leather Case 6.2"

Grain Black
Bridge Saddle Tan

Type: Samsung S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Leather Case 

Protect your new Samsung Galaxy S8+ with this sleek, chic and exquisite grip. Made in hard polycarbonate, lined with Argentinian Premium leather on both sides, choose from our Veg-Tan Bridge leather in Saddle Tan or our Grainy all-weather Floater leather in Black, this Samsung S8+ Leather case is the perfect ally to this revolutionary Smartphone.

The Grip is a leather case for Galaxy S8+ that protects the rear and front camera with its robust yet slim design. Made out of Vegetable Tanned Bridge Saddle Tan Leather , or our premium all-weather Black Floater Leather and its four-cornered layout will complement your device´s daring arquitecture.
Protect and dress up your new Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a Premium Vaja Leather Case.


Samsung S8+ Grip Leather Case

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