Airpods Max Wood Stand



Leather Back - Leather Back for the iPad Mini Retina

    • Premium Bridge LeatherThe Beauty of Bridge


      Each Leather Back is meticulously crafted by hand out of a single piece of our premium Bridge Leather for increased strength, durability and character. Bridge Leather requires an initial break-in period and only gets better with use, as its unique patina warms up considerably over time.


      We've got your back

      The Leather Back is the ultimate in simplicity and elegance. A seamless piece of premium Argentinian Bridge Leather adorns the back of your iPad Mini, offering enhanced texture, grip and protection on hard surfaces. A classic Pique pattern adds interest and keeps your iPad Mini cool. It's everything you need, nothing you don't.  



    • Minimalist design
    • Precise cutouts for camera and venting
    • Reusable adhesive backing for custom fit