Grip LP - iPhone 7 Leather case

Floater Black and Caterina Black
Durango and Floater Latte
Floater Crown Blue and floater Latte
Bridge Saddle Tan and Bridge Black
Bridge Black and Bridge Chili

Type: iPhone 7

Grip LP - Premium iPhone 7 Leather Case

The Grip LP is our basic Grip Leather case, but we stitched two contrast pieces using the best Argentinian leather before covering the Polycarbonate frame, resulting an iPhone 7 leather case thats light and slim, yet robust, plus it has that extra design touch, that makes it unique.
The Grip LP is a Two-tone cabrio iPhone 7 Leather case with added Matt Black camera eyelet for better shots under low light conditions, our craftsmen took their time to build this case, they select and cut the perfect pieces of leather they sew the contrasting colors and then they stretch it over the Polycarbonate backbone, taking care not to wrinkle it, its a task that takes time and precision, but the result is a unique leather case.

Grip LP for iPhone 7 Leather case

iPhone 7 Grip LP Premium Leather CaseGrip LP for iPhone 7 black




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