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iPad Pro 10.5´´ Detachable Leather Case

    • Hard Polycarbonate Frame wrapped in Premium Floater Leather

    • Detachable smart cover

    • Suitable for Model: A1701 / A1709
    • Magnetic closure and attachment system
    • Hand-crafted

    • Smart cover and smart keyboard compatible
Floater Black
Floater Crown Blue
Floater Dark Brown

Type: iPad Pro 10.5´´



If you just got a new iPad pro 10.5”, you just got a new friend.

Whether you got it for work, social matters or just for fun, your new device needs to be well dressed.

Our leather artists have designed this unbelievably super slim iPad pro 10.5” leather case that will bring joy, style and maybe a couple of jealous friends to your life.

Suitable for models A1701/1709, the gorgeous handcrafted grip iPad pro 10.5” leather case is completely wrapped with full premium Argentinean leather and guess what? It´s smart keyboard and smart cover compatible.

Just relax and let us look after your new bud. The new grip iPad pro 10.5” leather case is not only a simple leather case, it’s a way of living.

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