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Top Flip - Premium Leather iPhone SE Cases

Black and Rosso
Floater Crown Blue
Dark Brown and Birch
Olive Night
Provence and London
High Risk
    • Flip-style opening, offering full front screen protection
    • iPhone SE case.
    • Comprehensive four-corner protection
    • Camera eyelet compatible with true-tone flash
    • Seamless magnetic closure system
    • Talk-through technology - Converse with the cover closed

Type: iPhone SE

Top Notch


Premium Leather iPhone SE Cases

How did we top our Premium Leather Top Flip iPhone SE casesline? With a redesigned, magnetic clamshell closure and an updated custom-molded camera eyelet offering comprehensive four-corner protection, the Top iPhone SE case boasts an even sleeker, streamlined design. The ultimate balance of timeless charm and continued innovation

Premium Leather iPhone SE Cases
Premium Leather iPhone SE Cases


Magnetic Attraction

Our proprietary closure system utilizes rare earth magnets to create a discrete, yet effective design that is safe for all electronic devices. This innovative technology works in your iPhone SE case to form a secure seal offering maximum protection with minimal effort and obstruction.

Premium Leather iPhone SE Cases



Premium Leather iPhone SE Cases
Premium Leather iPhone SE Cases

Custom Color Options

We carefully select all of our full-grain hides from the top 10% of the world-renowned Argentinian leather, celebrated for its unrivalled beauty and strength. Choose from our featured color selections, or take advantage of our customizer and create the exclusive, one-of-a-kind iPhone SE case you've always dreamed of.

Premium Leather iPhone SE Cases

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